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PORTFOLIO (selected projects)
Internet Sites
Creative Imagery   Aderaba - a Site Baalei Teshuva   Se Souvenir de Laetitia - En Mémoire de Laetitia Binisti
Talmud Revadim - A site dedicated to Torah Oral Tradition   Bonayich - A Company aimed at developping Jewish Education Material   Jersalemapart - Site pour la vente d'une maison
Earsel - 6th EARSeL SIG IS workshop in Tel Aviv   BY4U - your Home in Jerusalem   The V'Shinantam Mishnah Program Presentation

CD-ROMs (Selected Screen shots)
  Living Jewish - A CD that teaches the basics of Practical Judaism   Otzar Hadmuyot - An interactive Database of all the Sages mentionned in the Talmud
Bible Adventures


Books/ Covers/ Magazines (Selected Screen shots)

Book Cover for a new book on Herzl   Aderaba - Magazine 1   Aderaba - Magazine 2
Herzl, a New Reading


Source Book for Revadim's Edition of the Talmud   Student Book for Revadim's Edition of the Talmud   Book Covers for Yad Vashem Studies
Tefilat Hashachar




Featured Projects

A site aimed at teaching Jewish Oral Tradition to kids.
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Featured Project 2
A 1000 questions Quizz about Judaism
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